Keeping Your Business Documents Secure When Working From Any Location

Airport woman phone luggageIt’s becoming increasingly common for people to work from their personal mobile devices or laptops while commuting to and from the office, when working from home or on business trips. Consequently, corners get cut that seem harmless but could have serious negative impacts on your business.

For example, people often upload work documents to their personal Dropbox or email accounts so they can work on them outside of the office. But if those documents contain sensitive information that you don’t want leaked, you’re now open to risks that simply weren’t necessary. Why? Well for one thing, such services are often targeted by hackers because large numbers of their users tend to be lax with username/password security. So if you have business documents stored on those services, you’re at greater risk.

An app like Fasetto, on the other hand, allows users to share documents easily, on- or offline, and designate which documents can only be accessed through the app itself. That way, if Dropbox, for example, were to be compromised by hackers, your information would not be at risk because it was all kept securely in the Fasetto app.

Another nice feature is the fact that because your documents are stored safely and securely within Fasetto, you don’t need to rely on any third party services or links to download what you want to work on. While services like WeTransfer can be great for sending documents or video files that aren’t highly sensitive, it’s best to keep your most sensitive information in a much more secure location.

It is particularly helpful if that app, in addition to the on- and offline secure storage, also has messaging functionality built into it that doesn’t need an Internet connection or data plan. And while Fasetto is also great for storing and sharing personal items such as music, pictures, home videos and more among friends and family, the key here is to make sure that you are paying closer attention to the security of business documents when working outside of your office.

Doing so will add a much-needed extra layer of security for you and anyone else you do business with.

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