Fueling Collaboration Through the Physical and Digital Workspace

Office StartupThe average workplace today looks very different than it did just 10 years ago. Many of the most successful companies have offices specifically designed to promote collaboration and teamwork.

This means shared spaces within the office for people to come together and brainstorm, but not in some drab conference room. They tend to be more open spaces with plenty of light, color, couches and comfortable chairs, art and other touches that promote a creative mindset. You’ll often see mobile whiteboards where team members can jot down their ideas or designs, wall-mounted screens for video conferencing and multimedia presentations, and maybe some luxury items like a mini-fridge stocked with snacks and drinks.

The idea is that more creative physical workspaces help employees get more creative when attacking business tasks. It’s a great start, but it’s only half of the equation. Those collaborative physical workspaces are most effective when paired with the right digital tools that promote teamwork. After all, so much of the work done across all industries today is digital that ignoring this piece of the puzzle won’t just stifle collaboration, but also productivity.

Fasetto is a perfect example of a digital asset to complement the creative and collaborative physical spaces more and more companies are designing for their employees. It allows for easy on- and offline sharing of just about any file type without having to rely on third party links or services to download/access said files. This makes it extremely easy for team members to share files with one another both in the office and with remote workers.

When your team comes together in one of the collaborative spaces within your office, they’re not just encouraged to work together because of the physical space that has been designed for them, but also because they have the right digital tools to be able to bring their best ideas and work together for all to see and contribute to. They feel just as prepared and productive as if they were at their normal workstation, but more creative and better prepared to work in a team environment.

In the end, investing in a creative and collaborative space — both physical and digital — will also drastically improve your workforce’s overall productivity, checking off all the major boxes.

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