4 Ways to Free up Space on Your Smartphone

Set of touchscreen smartphonesWhen smartphones first hit the market, it seemed like 8GBs of storage would be more than enough. After all, the majority of people were still using external devices like iPods or MP3 players to listen to music. Not to mention, photos didn’t take up much space because A) the built-in cameras weren’t close to the quality they are today, and B) apps and sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr hadn’t yet arrived to make us all photo-crazy.

Nowadays, though, many of us are constantly looking to free up space because 64GBs isn’t even cutting it anymore. Fear not, however, because we have 4 tips to help you free up space on your smartphone without giving you a headache.

1) Manage Your Storage Settings

Okay, yes, this sounds like a no-brainer. But in reality, many people don’t take the time to go into their storage settings and do a little housekeeping. Take a look at what constitutes the bulk of the data stored on your phone. Saved texts or iMessages, for example, can add up to gigabytes if left unchecked. Some apps also cache a lot of data that you don’t need, so be on the lookout for that and remove what you don’t use.

2) Get Rid of Apps You Don’t Need

Deleting cached data from an app can free up space, but in some cases you’re probably better off deleting the entire app. Take a look at the apps you have on your phone and really think about what you use regularly. Odds are, you have some games or apps that caught your attention for 10 minutes back in the day, but you don’t really play or use them anymore. They’re just dead weight eating up your storage capacity. Dump ‘em.

3) Clean Out Your Podcasts

Podcast popularity is exploding right now, but what many people new to the medium don’t realize is that if you have your phone set to automatically download the next episode of your favorite podcast, those episodes can quickly add up and cut into your storage capacity. So make sure to go in and clear out podcasts after you’ve listened to them, or adjust your settings so they don’t auto-download at all.

4) Manage Your Photos and Music

We’ve covered apps and podcasts — two of the most common culprits when it comes to bogarting storage space on smartphones. But there are two more that eat up the most space of all: Your photos and music. By uploading your pics and/or music to a reliable cloud storage service, you can still easily access them at will without having them weigh down your smartphone, causing you to constantly hunt for more space. With Fasetto, users get 10GBs of free storage for your images, music and other files and documents, making those 64GBs on your phone stretch a lot further.

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