2 Keys to Better Workplace Productivity

work culture collaboration teamwork businessMost entrepreneurs today will tell you that there are two critical elements necessary to foster productivity in any organization. Okay, there are more than two, but these two definitely top the list: They are environment and resources.

By environment, we’re talking about investing in the physical health and mental well-being of your employees, which in turn impacts the overall atmosphere of your office. Things like standing desks and fresh fruit in the workplace are an excellent start, though today’s workforce certainly likes to integrate technology into their healthy living whenever they can.

Take a look at Streaks, an app designed to integrate with other health apps in order to keep track of up to six daily tasks/goals, with the idea being that you can string together days of successfully reaching various goals in order to build momentum and keep at it. The great thing about Streaks is that you can input healthy living tasks as well as other goals, like reading for 30 minutes a day. The easier it is for employees to feel like they are living a healthier life at home and at work, the more positive and productive they are likely to be. Well worth the $3.99 in the App Store for Streaks.

Now, on to resources. There’s a great deal that could fall under this term, but for our purposes we’re talking about apps that make it easier for employees and executives alike to to collaborate and complete business tasks/objectives. With the Fasetto app, you can do just that.

Being able to share files, securely send messages between co-workers, and choose if you want to share files only within the app itself so you don’t need any third party services, are all features that remove the most common obstacles when it comes to employee collaboration.

Environment and resources. Ultimately, when employees feel like they’re living a health life and can easily work with other team members, they’re far more likely to enjoy being at work and be more productive when they’re there.

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