#NoFilter: Take Instagram-worthy Vacation Pics on Your Phone

instagram-iconSmartphones have advanced so far in the last decade that almost anyone with a wireless plan also has a professional-grade camera in their purse or pocket. But, although cellphone cameras are ubiquitous, that doesn’t mean that everybody who has one also has the skills at their disposal to shoot top-notch  photos – something that would be especially handy on vacation, when you’re looking to preserve some of your favorite and scenic memories.

This is evident to anyone who uses Instagram or another visual-intensive social medium: Even the best filters can’t turn a standard selfie into a work of art. There is still a level of skill that comes with snapping a great picture that takes patience and perspective. With summer well underway, cellphone-wielding photos of all stripes will want to hone their skills now so that their exotic vacation locales look as good on film as they do in-person.

Zoom In

One of the benefits of compact cellphone cameras is that they employ small sensors that give a much larger depth of field than traditional DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Rather than needing a lens that keeps the photographer at a distance, smaller cameras allow users to capture more of a particular scene in focus when shooting up close, which in turn allows for more interesting perspectives. This means that you should get right up next to an exotic flower in bloom or an interesting shell pattern in the sand, for instance, when taking nature shots with your phone while on vacation.

Snap Away, Rain or Shine

While interesting weather patterns make for beautiful scenery, a foggy morning or a sudden downpour can make it difficult to take a good picture without damaging a large point-and-shoot. Cellphones, however, are much easier to conceal from the elements without putting them at risk of weather damage. Because they are so compact and easy to handle, cellphone cameras are much more inconspicuous than point-and-shoots, giving you more range to be adventurous in the angles and subjects you’re aiming to capture on your phone.

Bring Humanity into the Scene

While there is nothing like taking a photo of a beautiful landscape, having another person or two in any photo makes for a far more interesting shot. People add scale to highlight the immensity of a certain view, for instance, and context that speaks to how they – visitors or locals – interact with the environment. This helps your images tell a much fuller story of your trip.

Back up – and Share – Photos with Fasetto

When documenting your vacation, don’t limit the number of images or vantages you capture to the amount of storage left on your device. Fasetto allows you to transfer your images and other data from your phone to a mobile storage drive that you can then easily share with others on your trip or back home. You don’t need to immediately connect to the internet to share data between devices. Simply equip others in your party with their own Fasetto app and you can easily share your photos no matter how or where you travel.

This allows you to test your skills repeatedly without having to delete any memories along the way. This is perfect for amateur photos taking a trial-and-error approach to honing their skills and want to take as many clips as they can without worrying about missing a great shot because of a lack of storage.

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